The Blumat Digital Sensor functions in the same way as the Tropf-Blumat, however, it does not control watering, but rather serves as a device for measuring the levels of moisture and/ or dryness. It operates using the tensiometer principle and indicates the amount of force necessary for a plant to absorb water, by dryness the values will be correspondingly higher. The sensor should remain stationary for some time for observation purposes.

This method of measurement allows for very accurate recognition of the level of moisture near the roots and therefore, a more exact application of water  - whether by hand in large container plantings, for example, for the over- wintering of plants, where it is often necessary to keep a moderate moisture level, or also for use in the summer for monitoring and adjusting the Blumat system. Assessing the moisture level in large containers is no longer a matter guesswork and experience, but rather of concrete numerical data.


 Blumat Digital Info

Protecting Cap
Protects the measuring head from environmental influences
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