Usage of Tropf-Blumat

Watering with the Tropf-Blumat System is possible on balconies, patios or rooftop gardens, as well as beds around the house, in small greenhouses and in winter gardens.
The most common use is caring for balcony boxes, planters or hanging pots. The advantage of this system is that it fulfills the needs of the plants on an individual basis. The differing needs of small versus large planters present no problems for the Tropf-Blumat System. Also, it is possible to have balcony boxes with differing aspects, for example, south or northwest, with varying water requirements, connected within the same system. The planters can also be located at different heights. The Tropf-Blumat System is suitable for all types of plants.




Additional uses include troughs, raised beds, small beds and borders. The Tropf-Blumat System is always suitable when plant groupings should be punctually watered with a drip irrigation system.
The Tropf-Blumat System is ideal for use throughout the whole year in plantings or individual pots in greenhouses and winter gardens. A prerequisite for winter gardens is a nonsensitive floor with a drain or water permeable flooring.
The Tropf-Blumat System is too costly for use over larger areas, and would be, for example, totally unsuitable for use on a lawn. 
The Tropf-Blumat System was developed for use outside, please do not use it indoors in living areas. For this purpose, there is Blumat for houseplants.

Connecting the Tropf-Blumat System


Connection to Water Tap (household waterpipes)

Used in combination with a pressure reducer, this is the most practical and usually the least expensive method. Prerequiste: 1 water tap must be constantly available.
Tip: Connect a double sided spout to the faucet such as is available from Gardena as well as from other firms. In this way, the tap is still available for other uses. The tap must remain open throughout the whole growing season!
Caution: turning the tap off for longer periods on hot days can lead to high subpressure in the Tropf-Blumats and can lead to heavy spraying when restarted! The Tropf-Blumat can be sucked dry! The tubing can remain under constant pressure and can also be left unattended over longer periods without hesitation (see "Vacation Preparation").
Height differential: the Tropf-Blumats can be located a maximum of 6 m above the point of connection (according to package specifications, 4 m + reserve) or about 3 m below the connection.

Elevated Water Reservoir Tank

It is sufficient for a water tank to function simply by being elevated. In order for the water to flow well, the tank should be located 1 m higher for each 10 m of tubing. Almost any type of container is suitable including rainwater barrels, drink containers or chemical containers. It is also possible to connect a series of containers by attaching onto the water supply tube.
Connection into the system can be made at any point - it is also possible to connect at two points at the beginning and at the end of the system. Caution: the tank must be impermeable to light in order to avoid growth of algae.
Possiblities for filling tank: by hand, with a tap water connection and float as shut-off valve, or with a pump from a cistern.
Tank size: should be suitable for the size of the system and the frequency with which the tank can be refilled. The reservoir should be enough for at least 1 week. A balcony box of 1 m length requires about 2 l of water daily during the summer months (peak use can be over 4 l of water!).

Household water pump

A connection is to a water pump is possible and is similar to the connection with the tap. However, an expansion tank is necessary, since otherwise the pump is forced to turn on and off too frequently. A pressure reducer may be necessary to control peak oscillations in the pressure.
Tank connector for elevated tank
For connecting water supply tubing onto a elevated tank - tap hole- 12 mm.
1,45 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
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