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Measuring and controlling soil moisture levels
Monitoring and controlling watering

Tensiometer technology for controlling soil moisture levels is the main focus of the firm bambach GbR. Since 1991, the family business has specialized in producing tensiometers and tensiostats for monitoring and controlling soil moisture levels in soil or other planting substrates. The production and distribution of supplementary products such as measuring and control units, as well as tensiometer related measuring devices and watering systems round out our product palette.

Our emphasis remains the professional horticultural or agricultural use of our products, including research applications in these fields. Some products are designed for horticultural or general watering purposes but are equally suitable for data collection uses.
The moisture available in the soil is the central factor influencing all crops. Those who cultivate plants will try to optimize this growth factor in order to control the crop production from a horticultural as well as an economic point of view and, at the same time, to protect the soil.

For this purpose, it is necessary to observe and collect moisture data, but also the recording and verification of data is growing in importance and is sometimes even required by regulations. Tensiometer technology provides a simple and practical solution to meet these demands.

In addition, the distribution of the automatic watering system, Blumat, for private use with indoor, balcony or tub plantings plays a special role for us. The Tropf-Blumat-System independently takes over the task of watering houseplants. The system provides water for balcony boxes, tub plantings, as well as for potted plants in sunrooms or indoors.

Further information about Tensiometers can be found under: www.tensio.de