Planning and Installation

Planning and Installation

 Example of a standard plan

As an illustration, we've chosen a plan using 5 balcony boxes with lengths of either 100 cm or 80 cm and widths of up to 25 cm. The boxes are placed 50 cm apart and arranged on two sides of the corner of a balcony.  The boxes are not permanently positioned or attached to the deck. This plan exemplifies many balcony and patio situations.  
The general set-up of the Tropf-Blumat-System always remains the same, independent of the various arrangements or connection possibilities: the 8 mm connective tubing is the main supply and is laid out alongside the boxes or containers. The Tropf-Blumat with drip tubing is attached to this supply tubing using T-connector pieces. It is important to allocate a sufficient number of Tropf-Blumat drippers per container.
The length of the supply tubing and the corresponding connections (fittings) as well as the lay-out and connection of the supply tubing can be changed according to the specifications of each location. The Tropf-Blumat units can be supplemented using distribution drippers or customized through the various lay-out possibilities for the dripper tubing. Such examples are addressed under the topic Lay-Out Variations.

Watering with the Standard Set-Up

Each 100 cm long box is outfitted with 4 Tropf-Blumat, each 80 cm long box with 3 Tropf-Blumat. The supply tubing is run along the inside edge of the box and selectively fixated with pins in the soil. For the purposes of this example, it is assumed the water supply is located on an outside wall about 2 m away.  
The required materials are listed in Table 1, the configuration is a result of the overall plan in combination with the detail plan. (See PDF Data) 
18 items Tropf-Blumat incl. Tube and T-Branch Connector
10 meter supply tubing 8 mm, black
1 item pressure reducer
3 items elbow connectors 8-8 mm
1 item end pieces 8-3 mm
8 items Supports
On under (only in German), you will find further examples of ways in which a Tropf-Blumat-System can be set-up.
Our complete sets are a good introduction to the Tropf-Blumat-System. These sets can easily be expanded at a later time. All drippers, tubing and other accessories can be purchased individually.

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