BluSoak 4m supplement
4 m BluSoak hose + fittings

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Set with 'Blusoak', an irrigation hose that drips over its entire length after it has been automatically filled by the Drip Blumat in dry conditions. This means that rows of plants can be watered more evenly over their entire length.

The set can be used to supplement or extend an existing BluSoak system or is also suitable for a new installation, provided the necessary Tropf-Blumat accessories are available and the conditions for the water supply are observed (see below).



  • 4 m BluSoak hose
  • 8 BluSoak adapters 8 mm
  • 8 end caps 8 mm
  • 8 connecting pieces blue 15 cm


Set is sufficient for

4 strands each 1 m long (cut BluSoak to size) for corresponding rows of plants, connected as 4 individual strands, or as 2 strands each 2 m long, each controlled via a drip Blumat and supplied on both sides (see BluSoak connections), shorter strands can also be connected on one side.


BluSoak strands are connected to an existing Tropf-Blumat system using the appropriate fittings, ensuring the appropriate pressure. 

Conditions for the water supply: 

Connection via elevated tank with a height difference of at least 130 cm. Alternatively, connection to the tap with 0.5 bar pressure reducer (accessory)

(The standard pressure reducer with 1 bar delivers too high a pressure and should not be used in normal systems for BluSoak).


Necessary drip blumat accessories for a new system (depending on the length of the tubing unit)

  • 2-4 Tropf-Blumat without drip hose and T-piece
  • 2-4 m drip hose
  • 2-4 T-pieces 8-3-8 mm
  • 4-8 Elbow connector 8-8 mm
  • 2-4 End connector 8-3 mm
  • 10 m Supply tubing black
  • plus tank connection or pressure reducer
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