Installation and Setup

For understanding in the use of Blumat Classic, the details are also often very helpful.

An assembly is limited to the filling process and insertion into the ground. Adjustments directly on the device are not provided, but it is urgent to pay attention to the correct, air-free filling and the appropriate water level in the storage container! Permanent pressure is not required for this system, it is intended to work as a suction system. Permanently elevated vessels correspond to the system 'Blumat Easy'.

The suction process starts with the drying of the soil, caused by plant consumption or evaporation. This creates a suction force that pulls water out of the moist clay cone, so that there inside the filling volume shrinks somewhat and thus a negative pressure is created - provided that the device is sufficiently tight for this! And this negative pressure causes the water to be sucked in via the suction hose, supported by the normal air pressure outside. And the suction process continues until the soil in the pot has been sufficiently moistened again and this suction force comes to a standstill.

The flow rate during suction is determined by the size of the clay cone, but also by the height of the water level in the storage vessel.

Flow rate in 24 hours

Water level in vessel Size 1 - standard Size 2 - XL Function
Same height 70 - 80 ml 120 - 130 ml Suction as required
low - 15 cm
maximum 20 cm
40 - 50 ml 70 - 80 ml Suction as required
(too) high - 15 cm 150 ml 250 ml Continuous pressing without need

Adjustment of the delivery rate to the soil moisture is only possible in suction mode ! In case of greater demand, several Blumat cones per planter must ensure the necessary water supply. How many Blumat Classic are actually necessary and how far the water supply can also be reduced in the process, should be tested in good time, especially in the case of planned absence.

Avoid sources of interference

An occasional check is advisable - about every 8 weeks depending on experience: check if a significant air bubble has formed in the cone below the lid - then the Blumat Classic should be refilled. The air bubble causes uncontrolled water discharge.

The Blumat Classic works well, provided it receives some care. This includes the timely refilling of the reservoir. If the time was missed, the cone must also be refilled, because it probably sucked air.

The care also includes measures that prevent or at least delay algae growth in the water. A dark vessel with a cover is ideal, or the transparent vessel is additionally darkened. renew in time

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