Blumat Classic Manual

Filling the Blumat Classic is one of the most important operations.

The manufacturer provides the following standard instructions for this purpose:

When installed correctly, Blumat draws the water automatically from the container. Observe plants for 1 week before going on vacation and use several Blumat inserts for each plant if necessary. Provide a sufficiently large container of water. Blumat must also be refilled if it is empty. Clean once a year with a brush and some hot water. Sand down the outside of the cone with sandpaper.

However, we recommend carrying out the filling process under water:

1. Open lid. 2. Water the clay cone for 15 min, then press the lid under water onto the lower part and observe the air bubbles, repeat (1x) until air bubbles are absent.

3. Put Blumat cone only in moist soil, suction hose to the bottom in the storage vessel, water level in the vessel about the level of the pot.

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