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Blumat Classic or also formerly 'Zimmerblumat' supplies plants as an automatic watering system directly over its porous clay cone by suctioning water from an adjacent container of water. This system functions fully independently, a connection to a faucet is not required. 

The low capacity is designed for the needs of most common houseplants, for example in a 12 cm pot. This is a maximum of plus/minus 0.1 litres per day. 

The actual water supplied is based on the current needs of the plants, because the dryness of the soil either activates or stops the water suction. With the level of water in the supply container, it is possible to somewhat control the water output. The optimum water level in the container should be level with the cap of the Blumat Classic.
The Blumat Classic XL with its larger cones is well suited for larger plants or larger pots, for example on a balcony. Alternatively, several Blumat Classics can be used to cover the overall needs.  

Blumat Classic is the ideal vacation solution

but it's also suited for use the whole year, especially where there is no water supply


The most important requirement for a good functioning system is to make sure no air enters the system when filling the cone and suction tubing.

Simply filling under a running faucet is possible (see below), but may result in air pockets. Therefore it is strongly advisable to submerge the unit completely in water and to make sure when closing the lid that all air bubbles have escaped from the end of the tubing- only then is it certain that the system is free of air.

The dry soil sucks water out of the cone, creating a vacuum, and resulting in the cone being refilled by suctioning water over the supply tubing. Every unit must be sufficiently sealed in order to achieve the vacuum; this is why it is usually not successful to combine several Blumat Classic units. 

The Blumat Classic supplies a maximum of about 80-90 ml in 24 hours; the Blumat Classic XL supplies a maximum of about 120-130 ml in 24 hours, pertains in both cases to the water level at the same level as the top of the Blumat Classic. If the water level is about 10 cm lower, then about 20 % less water will be conveyed to the cone. The water level should, therefore, not be allowed to drop more than 20-25 cm below this level. If too much water is being conveyed to small plants, then the amount can be decreased by raising the plant to a higher position.

The number of Blumat units required for above average needs can be determined by considering the typical amount watered by hand in respect to the amount of water supplied by each Blumat; however, the actual number necessary may be fewer when used continually. A timely refilling protects against air entering the system. The longevity of the system can be protected by cleaning annually.

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