Water Block - Aquastop
Safety valve - follow the instructions in the description!

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    Safety valve to prevent massive water loss due to leakage, especially at the supply hose. It is installed together with the pressure reducer in a vertical position on the tap, with the valve in the first position.

The Water Block has an integrated non-return valve and two magnets to reduce limescale deposits.


The correct setting is important! The device has 10 flow levels, whereby only level 1 with approx. (1.5) - 2 litres/min is suitable for Blumat drip irrigation. Blocking is only triggered after approx. 4-5 litres of flow have been measured. The sensitivity of level 2 only starts at approx. 6-7 litres/min.

The flow sensitivity is adjusted on the inside on the underside using the spanner supplied (see photos). After a blockage, the pin on the underside must be pressed in again in a depressurised state (dismantle).


Caution! Water Block only stops if there is a leak in the supply hose area - not in the drip hose!


What throughput volumes can be expected?

In the event of a total bite, an erroneous cut-through or a loosened plug connection, a water loss of 1.5 - 4 litres/min or up to 7 litres/min occurs with a full cross-section, depending on the position in the system (at the end or soon after the pressure reducer), also depending on the inlet pressure. These quantities are easily recognised by stage 1

If drip hoses are bitten off or come loose at the plug-in nozzle, 0.6 - 0.8 (1.0) litres/min can be expected, usually below the sensitivity of level 1, the blockage is hardly triggered.

However, the safety valve must not block normal operation. A system with a total of 200 drip blumat has an average flow rate of approx. 0.3 litres/min, whereby it is assumed that a maximum of half of the total drippers drip more or less heavily at the same time. There is therefore no risk of the safety valve switching off during normal operation.


  • Maximum pressure 10 bar,
  • Maximum water temperature 70°C,
  • Operating flow rate 2 - 30 litres/min,
  • blocking after flow rate of 5-50 litres,
  • Pressure loss 0.1 bar
  • Installation position vertical, frost-free,
  • Length 90 mm, diameter 50 mm,
  • Hexagon SW 30 + 32,
  • Length with pressure reducer approx. 180 mm.
  • Manufacturer: Eltek

Supplied without pressure reducer

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