Tropf-Blumat Pack (set of 50), with T-branch connectors and drip
Dripper with moisture sensor, core element of the “Tropf-Blumat-System”

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Dripper with moisture sensor, core element of the “Tropf-Blumat-System”
  • 50 Tropf-Blumat
    with drip tubing and T-connector
Consists of a bottom part (= porous clay cone + integrated threaded neck) + a watering head + 20 cm drip tubing and T-connector, 8-3-8 mm
Size (approx.): total length- 130 mm, Ø clay cone- 20 x 55 mm, Ø max.- 35 mm
Automatically controlled dripper for 1 plant or container, should be inserted about 7 cm into the soil and connected to the water supply tubing with the T-connector piece; water pressure is required for operation (see Function).


"Tropf-Blumat" (Tropf = Drip) works using pressure as its basis, it requires a minimum pressure for the correct functioning of the watering head and to avoid cloggage.
The Tropf-Blumat is the heart piece of the entire system and acts as a moisture sensor and dripper at the same time. Every dripper location is therefore sensor controlled according to the tensiometer principle. Also included in the system are fittings to connect the tubing.


Fill the Tropf-Blumat with water (part of the sensor function only!) – see Directions for Use  – and insert into moist soil. As the soil becomes drier, water is sucked out of the feeler which is a porous clay cone. This creates a sub pressure (partial vacuum). As the pressure develops, a membrane in the watering head is released (before then it is squeezed together), opening the thin dripper tubing; the tubing begins slowly to drip. The water seeps through the soil once again to the clay cone, causing a lessening of the sub pressure, the valve closes; the dripping slowly stops.


The Tropf-Blumat is adjusted using the brown knob; it should be set so that when the soil is optimally wet, the dripper has just stopped dripping. When first using, the sensor requires a certain settling period. Therefore, adjusting should be carried out only after a day of use. The general recommended adjustments are described in the Directions for Use or in our Recommended Settings. It is important that the adjustment is correct from the beginning! 


The water being used must be clean (there is no filter in the system), it can contain completely water soluable fertilizer. It is recommended to treat water that is extremely hard (over ca. 30°dH) by softening or to use rainwater, if possible. Light lime deposits in the tubing can be removed by rubbing. 
The water inside the sensor should be occasionally checked. However, in general, the water will not need to be topped off during the watering period. Under certain conditions, winter operation is also possible.

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